Beyonce Brought Back Her Bounce

Beyonce brought back her bounce
18/08/2006 12:00:00 AM 
(KP International) Beyonce Knowles declared her appreciation for her curvy figure, which she got back after losing weight for a film role.
Knowles lost her bootylicousness for her role in the movie musical Dreamgirls by abstaining from solid foods; but it's not something she'd recommended as a means for shedding a few pounds.
"It was a liquid diet where you lose weight really fast," said Knowles during Britain's GMTV morning show. "I would not recommend it if someone wasn't doing a movie, because there are other ways to lose weight. But I [needed] to lose it really quick, and I put the weight back on as soon as I finished, so I am no smaller or bigger than I've always been. It was strictly for the movie.'
While taking weight off may not be fun, putting it back on can be quite yummy. "The [most fun] part was putting the weight back on and eating my doughnuts and all the other things," she said. "So now I'm back to my body. I'm very conscious of being a curvy woman and I'm very happy that I am a curvy woman."

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