Black tops best bud poll

Black tops best bud poll
22/08/2006 12:00:00 AM

(KP International) The votes are in, people have voiced their opinion and the king (of kong) has been crowned; Jack Black was named the celebrity people would most want as a best bud, according to a poll conducted by Yahoo! Entertainment.

"Good looks and fame may be important in Hollywood, but Jack Black has proven that in the real world people prefer someone who combines a larger-than-life personality with a sensitive side," said Jayne Cherrington, a spokesperon for Yahoo! Entertainment.

The runner-up was Johnny Depp followed by Will Smith. On the other end of the spectrum, a couch jumper does not seem to be best friend material as Tom Cruise bottomed out the poll with a measly three percent of the votes.

"Everyone has heard of Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson but obviously they're not viewed as ideal 'friend material' by people in the UK," said Cherrington. "Jack Black seems to be an all round favourite someone who fans believe they can have a few beers and a great night out with as well as a guy who would be a good listener and a shoulder to cry on."

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