Britney blows big bucks in minutes

Britney blows big bucks in minutes
22/08/2006 12:00:00 AM

LOS ANGELES (KP International) On the heels of last week's reports that Kevin Federline could be nearing bankruptcy, his wife Britney Spears (who clearly doesn't have to worry about money) was recently spotted on a shopping spree.

The eight-month pregnant Spears, who looked like she was ready to pop when she introduced her hubby on the Teen Choice Awards, was seen scouring the racks in Los Angeles while her 11-month-old son, Sean Preston, took a nap in the car (with a security guard watching over his slumbers).

"She seemed in good spirits but there was no ring on her finger," said a source. "She was also having a good look at all the baby clothes, especially all the cute little T-shirts."

In a matter of 30 minutes the pop princess was said to have dropped US$5,000 on items that supposedly included maternity jeans, perfume, a straw hat and a designer bag.

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