Gran wiped that s-Cowell off Simon's face

Gran wiped that s-Cowell off Simon's face
21/08/2006 12:00:00 AM

(KP International) Snarky Simon Cowell was finally dished a bit of his own medicine when he was put in his place by an 86-year-old great grandmother.

Edna Moore was accompanying her daughter-in-law to The X Factor auditions when she noticed Cowell snickering and became irate when he scoffed at the performance, branding it "lifeless" with a "lack of personality."

Moore approached Cowell and said, "Listen Simon. You want to alter your ways... You think you're better than anybody. I think you were very ignorant. Yes you were ignorant, Simon."

An embarrassed Cowell scurried away muttering an apology. But Moore wasn't through yet, she told the show's producers, "why these girls scream over him, I don't know. He's not good-looking he hasn't even got his own teeth."

Cowell confessed it was a thwarting experience: "I've never been so humiliated in my life... She absolutely wiped the floor with me. When she let rip I turned into a three-year-old because I didn't feel I could argue with a woman who is 86. I have to admit it was fantastic."

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