Kutcher's familial devotion

Kutcher's familial devotion
18/08/2006 12:00:00 AM
(KP International) Ashton Kutcher declared his love and devotion to the family he wed into when he married Demi Moore last year and became stepfather to her three daughters.
"I can't help talking about my marriage and my love, because it's all tied together," the A Lot Like Love star said to Parade magazine. "When it comes down to it, my family is what I do everything for. We waited to get married until we felt like we were already married."
The 15-year age gap in the May-December relationship between Kutcher and Moore doesn't seem to bother him in the least. Despite the fact that he's closer in age to the daughters than the mother, he feels very much like a fatherly figure (even though he was only 10 when the eldest, Rumer, was born, 13 when Scout was and 15 when the youngest, Tallulah, popped out).
"There is not a human being I could love more than those girls and their mom," Kutcher stated. "If I had a daughter of my blood, I wouldn't love that child any more. I feel like I have three kids, and we'll see whether we're given another child."

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