Simpson's new music man?

Simpson's new music man?
31/08/2006 12:00:00 AM

(KP International) Has Jessica Simpson found romance with a new man in the world of music? Rumour has it sparks are flying between the 26-year-old blonde and 28-year-old John Mayer.

The Your Body is a Wonderland singer was forced to cancel a concert in Connecticut (which he was performing with Sheryl Crow) after contracting laryngitis. Similarly, Simpson also came down with throat problems of her own and cancelled a number of appearances to let her vocal chords recover.

Simpson reportedly sang Mayer's praises to Us Weekly, but said that she wants to "keep it private."

A source told People magazine, "[Simpson's] tiptoeing back into the dating world. It's the first stage. She's never been happier."

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