Interview: Mark Hoppus of (+44)

Interview: Mark Hoppus of (+44)

January 04, 2007 02:23 PM
by Christina Fuoco
LiveDaily Contributor

When Blink-182 pulled the plug in late 2004, singer/bassist Mark Hoppus said very little publicly about the trio's meltdown.

At the time, tattoo-covered drummer/reality TV star Travis Barker said that, thanks to his and Hoppus' new project (+44), Blink-182 was effectively over. Then, several weeks after (+44) was born, singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge announced he formed Angels and Airwaves.

Hoppus mostly remained mum on the subject until (+44)'s debut album "When Your Heart Stops Beating" was released. He let the songs "No, It Isn't" and "Lycanthrope" do the talking for him. (For those keeping track, a lycanthrope is a bloodthirsty werewolf or spirit.)

"It was actually good, because" [those songs] were about the end of Blink-182," Hoppus said. "I needed to get it out there because I didn't really talk about it in the press. I really didn't talk about it with anybody. When it came time to put it into a song, it went right into music. It was a good cathartic thing to do. That's for sure," Hoppus said.

While recently on a tour bus somewhere between Seattle and Portland, Hoppus spoke to LiveDaily via phone about Barker's one-armed drumming (he broke his right arm filming the video for "When Your Heart Stops Beating"), the dark nature of (+44)'s album and the current state of his relationship with DeLonge.

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