Oprah Spills Secrets of Tom Cruise Interview


* Oprah Winfrey went there with Tom Cruise. (More...)
* Through speakers, we all heard the distended voice of Oprah explaining she was not coming back out; editors would splice her Cher-Tina hug into the TV duet; so she asked Cher and Tina to bid adieu for her. (More...)
* I swear to god, if he's doing this to push back against the Anonymous campaign of information against Scientology, I'm going to scream. (More...)
* GOD wrote on April 27, 2008 09:53 AM : The aging Bette. followed by the aging Cher. followed by the aging Tina. (More...)
* Turner, 68-year-old quit the road eight years ago. (More...)


Oprah Winfrey went there with Tom Cruise. I can exclusively report that Ms. Winfrey's upcoming interview with Cruise includes questions about Scientology, his verbal smackdown with Matt Lauer on the Today show and, yes, the infamous couch-jumping incident. Winfrey actually revealed these details herself during this weekend's Las Vegas taping of her joint interview with Tina Turner and Cher. That isn't all Winfrey shared. The first of the two-part Cruise one-on-one has already taken place at his estate in Telluride, Colo., Winfrey said. "Oprah said Tom gave her a ride on a snowmobile," one Vegas audience member told me. "She also said Katie and Suri were there for the interview, too." Before the Cher and Turner taping at Caesars Palace, a member of Winfrey's entourage hit the stage to ask everyone not to repeat anything they were about to see or hear. "She had everyone repeat in unison, 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' several times," my source said. [1] Oprah Oprah already filmed the first of her two-part interview with Tom Cruise Tom Cruise at his private estate in Telluride, Colorado. The Queen of Daytime revealed a few details to her audience of 4,000 during this past weekend's interview with Tina Turner and Cher at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Apparently, one of Oprah's production assistants asked the audience not to leak out anything they heard saw.[2]

O prah Winfrey and Cher just love, love, love Tom Cruise. They shared details during a taping of Oprah's show at Caesars Palace on Saturday. During a commercial break at the Colosseum, Oprah raved about a sexy snowmobile ride she had with Cruise in Telluride, Colo., during a stopover on her way to Las Vegas.[3] Perhaps the oddest moments of the taping, though, came off-camera. During a break, Winfrey offered a long aside to the audience about the high-tech toilet in her Caesars Palace suite. The john, she said, lifts its lid automatically and cleans and blow-dries the user's nether regions. "I swear, I gotta get one of these on the show and show everybody," Winfrey said. Winfrey also spoke of having just come from the home of Tom Cruise in Telluride, Colo., for his first Oprah appearance since his infamous couch-jumping moment in 2005. Winfrey quipped that she did not jump on Cruise's couch, and she spoke of holding on to him during a snowmobile ride. "There's something about being scooched up to his butt that makes you want to sing Take Me Home, Tom," Winfrey said.[4]

Iconic rocker Tina Turner announced a new tour during a taping of "The Oprah Winfrey Show." It may take some creative editing when Tina Turner announces her final tour on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on May 8. Early in the taping Saturday before a Colosseum crowd of about 3,000 at Caesars Palace, Cher, the first guest, let the cat out of the bag when she let the tour news slip. Later in the taping, it appeared a replacement segment was being shot with Turner so it would appear she was breaking the news. Turner, 68, told Oprah that she was making her final tour, starting in Kansas City, Mo., on Oct. 1. She retired from major tours after her "Twenty Four Seven" world tour that grossed dllrrs80 million.[5] Male impersonators dressed as Cher and Tina Turner wait in line Saturday before the taping of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" at Caesars Palace. Oprah Winfrey does a lot of generous and touching things for her TV fans, but this weekend, Tina Turner alluded to a "whole other side of Oprah" during a taping of "Oprah" at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.[6]

The Oprah show airs May 8, two days after Cher opens her three-year, 200-show headliner residency deal at Caesars Palace. Turner said she's been getting antsy to return to the stage, but didn't get serious about it until she had a conversation with Italian film icon Sophia Loren in Milan, Italy.[5]

The taping was typical Vegas and typical Oprah, all wrapped up like a big, shiny Vegas-Oprah sandwich. During a commercial break, Oprah joked about hugging Tom Cruise sensually while snowboarding with him on Friday. (For more on that, read Norm Clarke's column on Page 3A.) While off the air, she spoke intimately about washing her privates, extolling the virtues of Caesars Palace's high-roller suite, where an automatic toilet or bidet gave her the choice between "rear clean" or "front clean."[6]

I swear I'm going to get that toilet on the show." Off the air, Oprah was funny like that, slinging more of her Southern-roots slang than usual. To be honest, she seemed more charming off camera than on. On camera, she announced her "Oprah Winfrey Show" exclusive: the first dual interview of Tina and Cher, to promote Cher's new show at Caesars, which is selling fast, and Tina's upcoming tour.[6] Turner's new tour starts October 1st in Kansas and tickets go on sale May 12th. This special divas episode of Oprah - with Cher and Tina from Vegas (they sand Proud Mary together!) - airs on May 8th.[7] The show is scheduled to air May 8, two days after Cher's Las Vegas production premieres. The two singers performed Turner's signature Proud Mary together and chatted about the debts left them upon their divorces from Sonny Bono and Ike Turner, both of whom are now deceased. Cher previewed a number from her new Vegas show, Take Me Home, wearing a shredded blue Bob Mackie dress with a matching blue headpiece flanked by a dozen dancers in 1970s outfits.[4]

LAS VEGAS - Tina Turner will be strutting her stuff on tour again this fall. Turner's first concert tour in eight years kicks off Oct. 1 in Kansas City; she didn't say how many shows she'll do or where else they'll be.[4] Singing legend Tina Turner is coming out of retirement for a new tour. Eight years after quitting life on the road, the 68-year-old revealed she will kick off a new series of dates in Kansas City, Missouri on October 1.[8] Music legend Tina Turner is coming out of retirement to embark on a new tour.[9]

Through speakers, we all heard the distended voice of Oprah explaining she was not coming back out; editors would splice her Cher-Tina hug into the TV duet; so she asked Cher and Tina to bid adieu for her. They did. Those off-air Oprah-isms were fascinating. As a group of hair and makeup people sped out to poof her up, she referred to them as her "Village People," then they sprayed a big cloud of gunk around her head. With Cher and Tina in the house, it was during one of those makeup moments that Oprah joked (self-deprecatingly?), "There's more than two queens in the house." Oprah gave away taping tickets through her TV show and a local TV station. [6] I WILL NOT be watching Oprahever AGAIN!!!! Seriously, the only way to make a difference and to get their pathetic faces off the TV, mags, etc, is to NOT WATCH the freakshow. I can't believe the beard and her illegitimate daughter, Suri, will be on the show too! I'm sure the Oprah show will go overboard to try to make Tom, the beard, and L. Ron's little girl look like they have a fairytale "family". They are all misfits of society!!!! Tom and Katie need to be in a mental health hospital.[2] I can't believe "Bob Dole's" comment. Am certain that the real Bob Dole would not be happy to be connected with such a racist comment. To say that Oprah, or anyone, is the devil because they are black shows the level of ignorance of the person saying (or writing) the comment. It does nothing to help Tom Cruise nor to hurt Oprah Winfrey.[1] Oprah Winfrey has no hesitation in admitting that she adores Tom Cruise and that 'there's something about the guy's butt."[3]

What more can any of us say? Tom Cruise has really lost his mind. He is obsessed with publicity.no matter what the "cost" is to his reputation. If he thinks he can go on Oprah and erase three years of lunacy, he's worse off than I had ever thought. I truly, truly believe that Tom Cruise is so far gone, nothing or nobody can save him now. He is a loose cannon. Nowadays, he is nothing but a liability.a liability to any movie studio that associates with him, a liability to his business associates, and probably the BIGGEST liability that the COS has. Who knows, if Tom doesn't STFU, the COS may go after him? A lot of their members conveniently committ "suicide".[2] Tom Cruise is awesome, and frankly I think that Oprah is the devil, because she is black.[1]

I swear to god, if he's doing this to push back against the Anonymous campaign of information against Scientology, I'm going to scream. It is absolutely maddening that a freaking cult set up by a habitually-lying science fiction author, a guy who once said "Want to be a millionaire? Start a religion" is getting this sort of attention. Want to know why Tom went all sorts of nutty last time? Because he'd just gotten back into the Church of Scientology, and was eyeball-deep in auditing. Unfortunately for him, brainwashing can result in exactly the sort of no-holds-barred types of lunacy he then let loose. I'd almost be happy if Oprah was intending to ask him serious questions about Scientology, or about Jason Beghe (recently defected celeb Scientologist, check out his YouTube interviews), but she won't. She'll just sit there and let him recite the party line, and he'll lie about it (charmingly, the Church texts specifically allow you to do this), and once again Scientology will have gotten a free media blitz. That's why they go after celebrities so actively for exactly this sort of situation. [2] I was a big Oprah fan. This is the last straw for me. I really have lost all admiration for her after this. It seems I'm not alone in thinking this. Oprah has really sunk to an all time low to give this deluded dllrrscientology shill nation wide air time.[2] I really dislike him now too. I can't believe Oprah would have him on her show again after last time. Hope she put her good furniture away.[2]

The announcement came during a special taping of Oprah Winfrey's talk show in Las Vegas on Saturday.[8] From the 10th row, the legs of Tina, 68, and Cher, 61, looked like the legs of 30-year-old thin women. Clearly, they've sold their souls to somebody for something. At the climax of the Tina-Cher duet, Oprah joined them to sing a final chorus and wave goodbye to Vegas.[6] You see, Oprah and her best girlfriend, Gayle, went shopping with Tina in Switzerland, and apparently it was good times. While Oprah was interviewing her on Saturday, Tina alluded to Oprah's grumpier moods, when she doesn't want to put up with certain people.[6]

GOD wrote on April 27, 2008 09:53 AM : The aging Bette. followed by the aging Cher. followed by the aging Tina. Prudential wrote on April 27, 2008 09:30 AM : This idiot LA doctor thinks he can flip Binion's old house for more than double in a down market? Ha! Ha! I'm glad he knows his Organic Chemistry, because he doesn't no squat about real estate. [5] Nickey wrote on April 27, 2008 11:30 AM : So the un-named buyer of KLAS is a group familair with the TV Station. Pedro wrote on April 27, 2008 10:06 AM : Lohan has brought new meaning to opening her 'liquor cabinet'.[5]

Turner, 68-year-old quit the road eight years ago. She will kick off a new series of dates in Kansas City, Missouri on October 1. [9] Turner appeared with Cher for a joint interview with Winfrey on stage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.[4] I've got even more scoop on Winfrey's trip to Vegas. Make sure to check my videoblog tomorrow to hear what happened when Turner announced she was going on tour.[1]

The Telluride segment is set to air Friday. Then on May 5, Cruise will return to Winfrey's Chicago studio nearly three years after his couch-jumping fiasco. Why so much Cruise? It's the 25th anniversary of his breakout movie, Risky Business.[1] For those of you who are legitimate Tom Cruise fans and cannot understand why so many people question his motives.[2] I'm not a Scientologist but Tom is Amazing, Katie is classy like Audrey Hepburn, no feces are ever stinking and maybe Scientology could the people who are attacking it with their crimes.[2] Not Scientologists themselves believe whatever you'd like, freedom of religion is important. The Church of Scientology is a repressive, criminal organization with a long record of harassment and frivolous lawsuits. the CoS has acted against its own members, forced family members to shun each other, has viciously attacked anyone trying to leave. Anonymous came into this fight on behalf of free speech, but since have learned the many, many other abuses the CoS is involved in.[2]

I think Tom would draw less ire if his purported religion wasn't involved in such ever-discovered scandals such as the child labor talked about by Jenna Miscaviage Hill on Nightline, as well as their "Disconnection" and "Fair Game" policies. Tom was acting MUCH less crazy and wasn't nearly as frowned upon when he was effectively out of Scientology before the divorce from Nicole. Once they had thier hooks in him they drug both his mind and career down to a point that I am not sure he can recover from (short of denouncing them).[2]


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